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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Canada Photo Lab are pleased to assert that the quality of our canvases and picture printing services is unparalleled anywhere else in Canada.


When it comes to printing on canvases and wrapping them, we use a very different technique than most conventional printers do. Canvas printing is something that we at Canada Photo Lab regard to be an art form. This is because doing so requires not only a great deal of focus and care, but also an appreciation of the energy and enthusiasm that went into creating the image. Because of this, when we print, we use high-quality materials produced locally in Ontario. Additionally, we print on acid-free press paper to ensure that our customer’s safety is not compromised and to help the paper last as long as possible.

We avoid using low-quality materials imported from other countries and instead rely on locally manufactured matte photo paper from Ontario. This is because we want to support the local economy while adhering to stringent quality control measures. In addition, before any of our goods are sent out to our clients, they are subjected to thorough quality control tests. This allows us to address and rectify any small problems that may crop up.

We must preserve images that are important to our history but either very old or in poor condition. We have designed and fine-tuned a complex algorithm that enables us to bring out your photo’s hidden subtleties and brightest sections. Rather than employing easy, off-the-shelf procedures to restore pictures, we have opted to use our algorithm.

We combine the whole thing by using bold color choices, which truly help the finished product stand out and look its best.

To give our clients the feeling that they are working in a studio when they visit us, we put a lot of effort into picking canvas alternatives that come in a variety of thicknesses and materials. This helps us ensure that your canvas looks like it was taken straight off a gallery wall. There is also the choice of a wooden frame or a metal frame to complement the overall look of your space. Every single one of our canvases is handled with extreme care to avoid damage, and we polish the edges so that they have a polished appearance.

Woodstock is a thriving city that may be found in the southwestern region of Ontario, Canada. Woodstock will be a significant city by 2022, when it is anticipated to have a population of 41,564 people. In addition to the Woodstock Museum National Historic Site, Woodstock is home to several other attractions, such as the Upper Thames Brewing Company, the Pittock Conservation Area, and the Woodstock Art Gallery.

Historic homes, the county courthouse, buildings downtown, and the museum are just some places that highlight our city’s wealth of history and culture.