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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

We at Canada Photo Lab take great pride in promoting high-quality local content best suited for utilization in the challenging climate of North America.


In Canada, we have been at the forefront of the printing and canvas framing sectors for close to twenty years. This applies regardless of whether you need a few casual images or something innovative for your next multimillion-dollar marketing campaign.

Even though preserving images by wrapping them in canvas is already an art form in and of itself, there are certain photographs that need further attention. Because Canada Photo Lab has been in this industry for 20 years, we have developed our own unique method for recovering photographs like these, which we then provide to customers as a service.

We are glad to announce that we can duplicate the best image restorations in Canada without having to resort to a simple, inexpensive, or off-the-shelf solution. Even when seen up close, where noise is often more prevalent, none of the photographs lack clarity or detail (around the eyes and skin). Everyone in Canada adores our services, and we are certain that our products are better than anything else that is currently available on the market.

Next, we provide services for wrapping canvases that surpass any ready-made frames now available on the market. We exclusively use materials that are created in Canada since we know they will be more resilient to the intense cold.

We make sure that every canvas we print looks precisely as the customer envisioned it by using acid-free paper and a broad number of frame alternatives, including metal and wood in a variety of thicknesses and colors for each.

At Canada Photo Lab, we are really proud of the reputation that we have acquired as Canada's premier printing service for canvas prints and photographic prints.

We consider the process of printing on canvas and wrapping it to be an art form since it requires a sharp eye for detail as well as an appreciation of the care and effort that went into making the original artwork. During the printing process, we utilize acid-free press paper and components of the highest possible quality to ensure that the paper will maintain its integrity for as long as feasible.

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