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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

We are proud to say that our canvases and photo printing services are the finest in Canada. In many ways, we diverge from the traditional approach of printing companies when it comes to canvas printing and wrapping.


We at Canada Photo Lab consider canvas printing to be an art form because of the complexity of the process and the importance we place on capturing the artist’s intent and the viewer’s emotional response to the final product. Because of this, we print using high-quality materials made in British Columbia. We use acid-free press paper to guarantee safety and aid in the paper’s preservation for as long as feasible.

To ensure the best quality and to contribute back to the local community, we don’t utilize low-cost imported materials but rather rely on matte photo paper made in British Columbia. In addition, before any of our items are sent to our clients, they are put through exhaustive quality control inspections to ensure that even the smallest of problems have been addressed.

We make every effort to preserve priceless but deteriorating photographs. Instead of using simple, off-the-shelf technologies for picture restoration, we’ve developed a sophisticated algorithm that has been fine-tuned over time to bring out the finest features and brightest areas of your photo. Further, we tie the entire thing together using complementary colors that make the image pop.

To provide our customers with the studio-like atmosphere they want, we make a great effort to select canvas options with a range of thicknesses and materials to ensure that your canvas seems as if it was plucked off a gallery wall. Wooden and metal frame options are also available to match your desired aesthetic. In addition to taking additional measures to prevent damage, we also polish the edges of each canvas to give it a unique look and feel.

In Pitt Meadows, Canada Photo Lab offer high-quality printing services can be delivered to your house.

More than 96% of Pitt Meadows’s inhabitants reported being satisfied with the city’s amenities in a recent survey. Small-town conveniences are combined with big-city advantages here. In addition to being a gorgeous setting year-round, Pitt Meadows are well-known for its abundance of delicious fruit when harvest time rolls around.

Countless chances are available to inhabitants of this dynamic neighborhood. Pitt Meadows is best known for its agriculture and dairy industry, but it also boasts several reputable software companies and other high-tech enterprises. Canada Photo Lab has been meeting Pitt Meadows’ printing requirements, from marketing materials to signs, for quite some time.

While we make a great effort to ensure the quality of every document we print, we take additional precautions when handling sensitive photos. To ensure that these photographs conform to the requirements of the relevant authorities, Canada Photo Lab regularly updates its procedures to ensure compliance. We guarantee the quality of your picture and have a special department only for this kind of work.