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Canada Photo Lab

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High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Compared to the norm, our canvas printing and wrapping method stand apart. We consider canvas printing to be an art form here at Canada Photo Lab, and we believe that to do it successfully, one must pay a great deal of attention to detail and have a healthy appreciation for the amount of care and consideration that goes into designing the canvas.


Customers from around Canada may rely on us for the finest possible quality canvas and picture printing services. For this reason, to acquire the most spectacular results possible, we print using high-quality materials created locally in British Columbia. In addition, we make use of acid-free press paper to ensure our customers’ safety and assist in preserving our customers’ printed goods for the most extended amount of time that is practically possible.

We make sure that your photographs meet the high standards that our customers demand of us by adhering to industry standards when it comes to colors and print materials. Our customers expect us to meet these requirements because they know we have set such standards.

Since we are a photo printing firm, we are aware of the significance that memory plays in the process of photograph preservation. The quality of the end result is completely tailored to the tastes of each individual client, we provide a broad range of materials for them to pick from when using our canvas wrapping services.

In addition, we provide frame services in various thicknesses, ensuring that the canvas perfectly represents the atmosphere of the area and adds to the warmth already there.

However, as experts in this field for more than 20 years, we are aware that not every photograph is the same and that certain shots need particular attention; hence, we provide a picture restoration service to complement our other offerings in this area. In order to emphasize the photo’s textures and highlight its finer features, we developed a specialized algorithm and used it.

The town of Pictou may be found in Pictou County, which is located in the province of Nova Scotia in Canada. The bigger town of New Glasgow is roughly 10 kilometers (km) to the north of this settlement, which may be found on the north coast of Pictou Harbour. The Mi’kmaq were the first known inhabitants of the region that is now known as Pictou. These people had been in the area for at least a few hundred years and maybe even several thousand. When the Scots arrived in 1773 aboard the Ship Hector, they landed at the exact location that is now known as Brown’s Point. Pictou is well recognized as the location where New Scotland was first established.

Aecon Fabco and Advocate Printing and Publishing are both substantial contributors to the local economy, and the Town of Pictou has been able to keep hold of both of these important businesses.