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Photo book

The Stories of Your Life Should Last a Lifetime

Customize Your Album

"Album de Photographies" Wedding Albums, Photo Books, and More Are Available at Canada Photo Lab!

Online orders may be placed for bespoke photo books, wedding albums, and prints, which can be collected in person in Canada. Gifts of photographs are perfect for celebrations such as weddings, baby showers, anniversaries, family vacations, and milestone birthdays.

photo books.

Produced wholly inside the boundaries of the province of British Columbia.

In light of this, we hope you will find it enjoyable to return to your image tale on several occasions. As a result, the bindings of our picture books are hand-stitched using thread twice as thick as normal so that your book may maintain its shiny and spotless look for many generations to come. You can always count on our picture paper to produce highly detailed, sharp, and glossy prints.

Some Other Choices

Before constructing an album, we give the needs and desires of our clients a great deal of consideration and provide them the attention they need. As we collaborate with you to make the album of your dreams, we are open to your ideas and recommendations, which is why we provide options for customization such as acrylic covers and imitation leather.

Acrylic Cover -VancouverPhotoLab
Acrylic Covering

The first impression that a person makes is very important. An acrylic print overlay is used to create the appearance of three-dimensional glass. This feature is a fantastic addition and a great choice if you want to blow your friends’ minds.


Seven color options are available for the leathers, including two for the baby book.

For babies, available color options include various hues of grey, white, black, beige, navy blue, and pink.


Because we put such a high value on perfection, we produce each album in our studio using only the best equipment and materials.

Lustre Photo Paper Book - VancouverPhotoLab
A Superior Glimmer

Prints for weddings and portraits are common applications for luster photo paper, which naturally has a glossy sheen.

aluminum printing
Ultra Thickness: 0.7 millimeters

You may take pleasure in your printed photographs in all of their panoramic splendor by seeing them on a strong card rather than storing them in an album where they are likely to get crumpled.

Faux leather Photo Album Book - VancouverPhotoLab
Simulated leather

We make use of fake leather that is manufactured in the area. Because of their classic good looks and acclaim whenever they are shown, leather picture albums have long been popular among consumers.

A Breakdown of the Expenses

Note: It is essential to remember that the pricing of spreads might vary from time to time. The entire number of pages in a book is referred to as the “spreads” of that book. The spreads that may be chosen vary from 10 to 24, inclusive. available is 10, 16, 20, 24.
10 Spreads


16 Spreads


20 Spreads


24 Spread


Our software makes it easy to build your album.

Putting together an album that seems like a professional made it has never been easier than it is with our software. Put your pictures in the spots designated for them on these well selected, free design templates. We guarantee that the finished result will seem the same way you envisioned it.

  • Premium Faux Leather

    We want your photo story to be one that you
    revisit again and again. That’s why the bindings of Photo Books are hand-stitched. This attention to detail keeps your book polished and pristine.

    Premium Faux Leather
  • Flat Lay & Panoramic Templates

    When designing your photobook, templates are provided to make overall design easier so that your photos come out looking neat and clean.

    Flat Lay & Panoramic Templates
  • Premium lustre photo paper

    Our albums use premium quality
    photo lustre paper. This paper ensures that your
    photos turn out very sharp, crisp and glossy.

    Premium lustre photo paper