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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

At Canada Photo Lab, we are ecstatic to provide our customers the finest canvas and picture printing in all of Canada.


We believe that printing on canvas and wrapping it around a frame is an art form that not only demands a great deal of care and attention to detail, but also an appreciation for the labour that went into making the canvas and an awareness of how it was made. We print with the utmost care, using inks of the highest quality and press paper that is free of acid. This ensures that the paper will remain intact for as long as possible without altering its initial look.

At Canvas, we satisfy all of our customers’ canvas printing requirements by making use of matte photo paper that is produced right here in the province of British Columbia. Because we are so committed to preserving the highest standards of quality and supporting the economy of the communities where we do business, we simply cannot afford to utilise imported materials of poor quality. In addition, before we ship any of our goods to our clients, we subject each one of them to an exhaustive quality control method. This ensures that even the smallest problems may be resolved before the product is delivered.

Because Canada Photo Lab is in the industry of printing, they understand the emotional importance that each canvas picture has for its clients and provide a wide variety of alternatives for customising.

We have at our disposal a huge arsenal, which includes a comprehensive palette and a big assortment of high-quality materials in a variety of forms. However, we are aware that despite these individualised options, we will still need to use photo restoration services in order to restore some of our older photographs that have started showing signs of wear and tear in order to please some of our customers. This is because these photographs have begun to show signs of wear and tear over the course of time. After 20 years of research and development, we have developed our unique algorithm for retaining finer details in photographs, notably those of the skin and eyes, while also imparting a new, modern look. This was accomplished while still maintaining the image’s overall aesthetic. In order to ensure that the quality of the service we provide is of the greatest possible level, rather than depending on a prefabricated response, we conduct thorough testing.

In the southwestern part of Ontario, Canada, on the shore of Lake Erie, you’ll find the rural municipality of Norfolk County. It only has one level of government. The population of Norfolk County is expected to reach 64,221 in the year 2022. The Heritage and Culture Department is dedicated to the active promotion and preservation of cultural history and customs.

In addition to being a significant hub for the energy industry, the East Coast excels in the fields of engineering and manufacturing, and it also has a robust food, life science, and agricultural technology sector.

The region’s historical and current primary source of income comes from the hospitality and tourist sector. The coastline of Ontario’s South Coast, also known as Norfolk County, is home to some of the most popular tourist locations in the province. This includes the region’s beaches, ports, towns, and villages.