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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

For a lasting memory, a high-quality print or canvas wrap is essential, Canada Photo Lab provides both. We consider Canvas wrapping an art, requiring tremendous accuracy and attention to make an exceptional final result.


We are certain that our canvas printing services are the greatest in all of Canada, and we know that a picture is worth a thousand words. Wood and metal are only two of the many available materials to meet your requirements. Our expert team considers each photograph’s significance by using a wide variety of techniques and supplies to ensure that the finished canvas enhances the decor of your space while maintaining a high level of creative integrity.

Everyone here recognizes the value of the labor that goes into a masterpiece canvas. Some vintage pictures have the same feeling but may need particular treatment. Degradation causes antique photographs to lose their luster and detail. We at Canada Photo Lab provide state of earth instruments and unique software to assist bring out details, notably skin tones and texture of the eye and hair. We employ a unique algorithm created over years of expertise to offer the best outcomes. We do not depend on bespoke off-the-shelf templates to assure the greatest quality.

The art of branding to improve companies in Maple Ridge.

Maple Ridge is a beautiful city since it is located on the coast of the Garibaldi Ranges, which is quite attractive. Roughly 85,000 people are living in the city, and it has a rich and eventful history. The city’s economy is thriving and varied thanks largely to the influx of tourists. The Canada photo lab was a huge help with all of our printing and branding projects.

A lack of distinctive branding makes a firm uninteresting. We are well-versed in the importance of branding and how it may contribute to your business’s success. When you hire us for your print or digital graphics needs, you’ll have access to a team of talented graphic designers and illustrators that can collaborate with you to produce unique designs. To guarantee that every one of our clients is satisfied with the end result, we provide unique designs that may be altered in any way the client desires. We go to great lengths to ensure you’re happy with the results of your design and you own the final product in its entirety. This way, you can rest assured that no one else has developed a similar concept, ensuring a monopoly on the market for your product. We don’t use cheap, stock designs as many of our competitors do since we believe your brand is your identity and shouldn’t be watered down in any way.

We are confident in the quality of our digital photo printing services, and so provide free lifetime support. We also take great satisfaction in our flexible, on-demand graphic design and customer support services, as well as our excellent client service. We provide a transparent pricing structure for all of our services so that you know precisely what to expect before you begin using them. Our prices are fair, and we’re proud of our service quality.