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Canada Photo Lab

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High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Canada Photo Lab aims to provide customers with items of the highest quality at competitive costs. Our customers benefit from our twenty years of experience in the field since we assist them in accomplishing precisely that goal.


We are aware of how, throughout history, branding has progressed to the point that it now plays a vital part in defining a firm’s future. The power of a company’s logo and other distinctive visual components has become more important in today’s culture, which strongly emphasizes the visual arts. This has obvious implications for the success of businesses. Because our distinctive designs may be printed and wrapped in canvas in an infinite number of different ways, we can guarantee that each and every one of our clients will be completely happy with the final result.

Suppose you want your design to be as successful as it possibly can be. In that case, we will demonstrate how to maximize its potential, and you will retain complete editorial authority over the final product. 

Because our expert team has such a strong respect for individuality, we do not take corners to save money by using a model that is pre-made, unlike many of our other businesses in the same industry. Through our close collaboration, we were able to guarantee that the end result was exactly how you had envisioned it.

Canada Photo Lab is always creating and providing cutting-edge new goods and services in order to assist our clients in achieving their goals and becoming successful. Our users now have the chance to construct their own layouts with the assistance of our adaptable and user-friendly design tools since we have recently introduced a Photo Collage function that offers this capability. We are able to offer a wide range of printing services, including printing on metal, printing on canvas, and printing photos.

After that, you'll be able to place an order for photo printing product, and we'll see to it that it's delivered to your residence. In the event that you need help celebrating an important occasion, Canada Photo Lab is here to assist you.

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The Kawartha Lakes area is seeing a revitalization of its cultural and historical community. Our cultural resources are essential to the quality of life we enjoy.