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Canada Photo Lab

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High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Here at Canada Photo Lab, we know how important it is to have high-quality prints and canvas wrapping to help you keep a special moment alive. Thousands of words can't describe how proud we are to provide the finest canvas wrapping services in all of Canada.


To meet your precise requirements, we have a broad variety of materials, including wood and metal. We believe Canvas printing & wrapping to be an art form since it requires such meticulous attention to detail and care to produce a high-quality final result. With an abundance of techniques and materials, our team of pros will ensure that the canvas compliments the ambiance of your area and creates a genuine creative sense, all while honoring the memories linked with each photo.

We appreciate the time and effort required to create a flawless canvas. In the same way, an antique photograph might evoke the same feelings, although it may need specific handling. 

There is a gradual deterioration in the quality and clarity of antique photographs. Here at the Canada Photo Lab, we use cutting-edge equipment and specialised software to enhance your photos, focusing on finer details like skin tones and hair and eye structure. For the greatest outcomes, we use a proprietary algorithm developed via extensive testing and refinement. To guarantee superior results, we don’t use premade, commercially available layouts.

A firm that doesn't invest in its brand is just another boring one. We know how important branding is to the success of your business since we are professionals in the field.

Whether you need help with print or digital graphics, our team of talented graphic designers and illustrators is here to help. We provide custom designs that may be modified as much as needed to make sure each of our customers is happy with the final product. To guarantee your complete satisfaction with the finished result, we go to tremendous lengths, and you will always control the rights to any work we produce based on your idea. Therefore, you may be certain that the design is completely original and that no other copies exist. Given that we consider your brand to be an extension of your identity, we don’t dilute it by using generic stock designs like many of our rivals do.

Since we have such faith in our digital services, we provide free lifetime updates and customer support. In addition to our excellent graphic design and customer service, which can be scaled to meet your needs at any time, we also provide responsive, immediate support. So that you know exactly what to anticipate before joining up, we provide a clear price structure for all of our services. Everyone may feel confident in our reasonable costs and the high quality of our services.

The city of Fredericton serves as the provincial capital of New Brunswick, Canada. The area’s historic garrison district is one of its selling points. Temperatures in the summer are high and the winters are frigid in Fredericton, which has a semi-continental climate.

Since Canadian poets Bliss Carman, Sir Charles G. D. Roberts, and Francis Joseph Sherman all call this area home, it is often referred to as “the Poets’ Corner of Canada.” Fredericton has been a preferred residence for creative types for many centuries now, including poets, painters, performers, and craftspeople. Great performances, thriving visual arts, and more working craftspeople per capita than anyplace else in Canada all attest to the region’s continuing legacy of artistic excellence.