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Canada Photo Lab

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High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

At Canada Photo Lab, we appreciate the sentimental value of photographs, but we also recognize that pictures of older family members and friends may need special care over time. Photos often start to show signs of degeneration after some time has passed.


In printing, what makes a job stand out is the quality of the materials and the attention to detail put into creating the final product. Even with top-of-the-line tools, creating a masterpiece that will last time requires meticulous attention to detail and a genuine love for your craft. As a printing firm, we understand this and strive for perfection whenever we create a canvas wrap. We exclusively use Canadian-made materials to guarantee their quality and suitability for our environment, and we provide you with many alternatives to tailor your canvas to your home’s style, including a range of frame materials (wood, metal, etc.) and colors. With our supplementary offerings, we can give you the art gallery vibe that everyone craves.

To preserve the integrity of your photographs, we provide restoration methods that we have developed in-house over the course of our many years in the photography industry. We didn’t use any pre-existing technology but rather developed our algorithm to help preserve details, especially in the facial region, to achieve maximum sharpness.

The photos may be printed on various objects, including pillows and mugs, which make great presents. Therefore, we stand behind the quality of our prints and guarantee that they will not fade or deteriorate over time, making them a perfect gift. Recently, we’ve also added the option for customers to print out collages of their own design using our online editor. Make a present for your loved one without worrying about your lack of graphic design abilities.

Printing photos for local companies in Elliot Lake, Ontario.

The population of Elliot Lake, which is located in Ontario, Canada, is about 10,617 people.

Elliot Lake was named after a chef who worked at an early logging camp located there. It is a wonderful site to visit due to the fact that it has much to offer people of all ages, including a large number of artistic and cultural activities. World-class outdoor activities, suitable for explorers of all skill levels, can be found just minutes from the city center. These activities are open to both locals and tourists.

As a consequence of this, Canada Photo Lab provides a broad range of printing services to serve these businesses. These services include commercial printing, archival printing, as well as many more.