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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

We at Canada Photo Lab are pleased to promote high-quality local material optimally suited for application in the North American environment.


When it comes to printing and canvas frame, our combined years of experience exceed twenty as Canada’s premier provider. This is because we are aware of how important printing is in the modern world, regardless of whether you require some casual images or something significant for your upcoming multimillion-dollar advertising campaign.

Our canvas wrapping services have received praise from customers all throughout Canada as a direct consequence of our dedication on utilising only the highest-quality papers. These papers are 100% recyclable, acid-free, and carefully created to bring out the true colours in any artwork. We take great care in all of our wrapping, and we use a range of materials and thicknesses, with the purpose of ensuring that the original aesthetic of your property is maintained. We provide a wide range of thicknesses and a wide range of various ways in which our products may be customised so that each and every one of our customers’ needs will be met by our services.

Because of our investment in our very own unique technology, we are able to provide photo restoration services. We are a printing company first and foremost, and we have put in a lot of time and effort to design our own unique algorithm that enables us to bring out the best in any photograph while preserving finer details in the subject's hair and skin than can be achieved by any other method that is currently available.

Regardless of their age or the amount of damage they may have sustained, the emotional significance of images is something we place a high value on, and therefore, every effort is made to guarantee that they are kept safe and restored to their former glory.

The city of Edmundston is located in Madawaska County in the province of New Brunswick, Canada. In and around Edmundston, New Brunswick, there are a number of historical and cultural landmarks that are well worth visiting. Some of these include the New Brunswick Botanical Gardens, the Fortin du Petit-Sault, the Antique Automobile Museum, Gus’ Garden, and the Cathedrale de l’Immaculee-Conception.

Edmundston is home to a significant percentage of the region’s companies as well as providers of services. The city’s population density surpasses that of any other adjacent community by a significant margin. The Center plays home to a diverse range of high-quality creative activities, including a variety of performances, conferences, lectures, and exhibitions.