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Canada Photo Lab

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High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Canada Photo Lab has been around for over 20 years, giving us enough experience to appreciate the value of a photograph and the memories it can assist in preserving.


 Those who know that ‘A picture is worth a thousand Words’, and want to keep it around for future generations can take advantage of our canvas wrapping services anywhere in Canada. Because of the high quality and care we put into each canvas print, we have become the industry standard.

Wooden and aluminum frames are two of our most popular alternatives among many more. To ensure that each and every one of our customers is happy with their purchase, we offer a wide variety of customization options, ranging from frame depth to a kaleidoscope of color options.

Although it is an art form in itself to wrap artwork in canvas to preserve it, there are certain images that need extra care due to the years of handling they have endured. With 20 years of expertise in the field, Canada Photo Lab pays special attention to these kinds of photos. It provides a photo restoration service using a process we created in collaboration with our clients. We’re proud to say that our picture restoration service is a carbon copy of some of the finest in the country, and we don’t rely on a quick and dirty off-the-shelf fix.

Grain is completely absent from every image, including those of the skin and eye, two of the most difficult parts of the human body to photograph. Popular throughout the country, our service has the backing of absolute certainty that it delivers the greatest possible outcome.

Now, in Cranbrook, British Columbia, you can have a professional metal printing or photography prints taken for branding.

Cranbrook is the principal city in the East Kootenay area in southeastern British Columbia, Canada. This bridge connects the two sides of the Kootenay River, where it meets St. Mary’s. The Canadian Museum of Rail Travel may also be found here, showcasing rail infrastructure carriages from the 1920s for the Canadian Pacific Railway and the 1900s for the Spokane International Railway. Although much of the town is level, Cranbrook is distinguished by rising hills where many residential units are clustered.

Cranbrook’s western border is formed by the Purcell Mountains, while the Rocky Mountains create the city’s northern and eastern borders.

Water bodies abound in Cranbrook’s vicinity, adding to the city’s already serene atmosphere. Canada Photo Lab has been satisfying the local business community’s needs for over 20 years, providing services like professional photo printing and best photography.