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Canada Photo Lab

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High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

At our Canada Photo Lab, we put in a lot of work to ensure we can provide what you need. Given the rise in the value of visual content, we offer various printing options to help you present your images in the most professional light.


As more and more people gravitate toward visual content, the need for expert photo printing services has grown. 

Our picture restoration services may also help with older photographs that have faded over time by enhancing the quality of the image in areas that are notoriously difficult to fix, such as the eyes, hair, and skin. We have spent almost two decades perfecting our top-secret method, which will make your canvas or metal printing so polished. Nearly twenty years have gone into perfecting our top-secret method, which ensures that your photo will look just as good as the day it was taken.

Next, we provide services for canvas wrapping, which results in products that are much better than those offered by manufacturers of ready-made frames. All the materials we use are made here in Canada, and they’re built to withstand the extremes of temperature and humidity without losing their form. Every one of our canvas prints is handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail. We provide a wide range of customization options—from frame thickness and color to material—to help our customers create exactly the appearance they want. Additionally, we are dedicated to using acid-free paper to ensure we do our part in conserving the environment.

Throughout Courtenay, British Columbia, we promise to provide our customers with only the highest quality products.

British Columbia’s Courtenay is a bustling metropolis on the island’s eastern shore. An ancient lighthouse overlooks the city’s coastline, while the city is very near to the water. Tourists from all over the globe visit Courtenay to see the various wildlife refuges and military infrastructure projects taking on there. Courtenay’s low crime rate and high-quality schools make it an ideal location for new families. With all the conveniences in a big city, Courtenay consistently ranks among Canada’s most popular places to call home.

A city on the rise, Courtenay is known for its creativity and vitality. The Comox Valley is renowned as a year-round leisure and sports destination because of its abundance of beaches, rivers, and lakes, as well as Mt. Washington Ski and Alpine Resort and world-class golfing.

The city of Courtenay is experiencing a significant transformation, with the construction of several new buildings and other infrastructure. New enterprises are springing up all around town due to the city’s sudden popularity, creating a wealth of new options for the local populace. Canada Photo Lab is always busy since people require high-quality prints for marketing and other purposes. We provide lightning-fast nationwide shipping across Canada to ensure that your printing requirements are met without delay.