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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Regarding printing photographs and canvases, we are certain that our services are unparalleled in Canada. We consider the process of printing on canvas and wrapping it to be an art form since it demands a sharp eye for detail and a profound respect for the message behind the image. Using acid-free press paper and high-quality printing inks, we ensure that your printed materials will last as long as possible.


We utilize matte photo paper created in Canada rather than cheaper materials imported from other countries because we want to support our local economy without compromising the product’s overall quality. In addition, the native resources are more suited to the weather in Canada than those brought in from elsewhere. Before being delivered to customers, each and every product we provide is put through rigorous quality inspections, which eliminates the prospect of the customer is dissatisfied.

Our business is well aware that clients place a high value on the ability to customize their furniture to match the specific requirements of their homes. To ensure that every one of our clients receives precisely what they need, we do not limit the number of revisions they can request. Since many of our customers are interested in making their homes look like museums or galleries, we have spent considerable time and effort sourcing construction materials in various thicknesses to meet this demand. You can select from multiple colors and materials, including frames made of metal or wood. In addition, we put in a significant amount of effort and practice stringent quality control to ensure that the canvas will last for a very long time, is completely risk-free, and will never need any maintenance.

Best location in Cornwall for getting canvas photos printed to a high standard

Cornwall, Ontario, is a major city in Eastern Ontario. Despite being one of Canada’s oldest settlements, the city’s economy is thriving and contemporary, supported by forward-thinking businesses. A huge variety of parks and other recreational amenities, as well as its location on the Saint Lawrence River, make this city an excellent alternative for families.

The location of Cornwall makes it an ideal place to commute to work. Although we are conveniently placed halfway between Ottawa and Montreal, within an hour of each, our usual house-selling price is far cheaper than that of the adjacent big cities. This is because our location is directly in the middle of the distance between those two cities.

Cornwall’s economy has seen both expansion and transformation over many decades. The city of Cornwall has evolved into a modern metropolis with a thriving economy that is diversified throughout the manufacturing, logistics, distribution, and service sectors. The city’s economy is booming because of the redevelopment projects, environmental protections, and the influx of new businesses.