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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

The objective of Canada Photo Lab is to provide customers with items of the highest quality at competitive costs. Our customers benefit from the knowledge and assistance we give thanks to our twenty years of experience in the sector.


The quality of a company’s logo and other identifiable visual components is crucial to the company’s success in today’s culture, which places a strong emphasis on the visual arts. We are aware of how the importance of a company’s brand has evolved over the course of time. Because we provide one-of-a-kind designs that may be personalized in an infinite variety of ways in terms of printing and canvas wrapping, we are able to guarantee that each and every one of our clients will be completely satisfied with our products and services.

Our highly trained team recognizes the value of individuality, and in contrast to many of our rivals, we do not use standardized templates in an effort to minimize expenses. We teach you how to maximise each step of the process so that your design may achieve its maximum potential and you can continue to exercise full creative control over the final product. Because we have worked so hard to coordinate everything, you can be confident that the result will either live up to or surpass your expectations.

We at Canada Photo Lab are committed to assisting each of our clients in realizing their utmost potential, and as a company, we are always researching, creating, and releasing cutting-edge new goods and services to achieve this goal. Printing on canvas, photos, and metal are just some of the options that are available via our company. The Photo Collage function, which enables customers to build individualized layouts with the assistance of our flexible and user-friendly design tools, was only recently introduced to our product lineup. If you are still interested, the next step is for you to place an order, and we will deliver the goods right to your front door. The team at Canada Photo Lab is ready to provide a hand in capturing the essence of any occasion.


In the Clarence-Rockland area of Ontario, we provide only the highest quality photo printing products, and we promise that you will be delighted with your purchase.

Located on the Ottawa River in the United Counties of Prescott and Russell, Clarence-Rockland is a city in Eastern Ontario, Canada. Since its founding in the 1840s, the city has grown to accommodate more than 25,000 residents. The census counts the community of Clarence-Rockland as part of Canada’s National Capital Region because of its proximity to Ottawa to the east.

The city of Clarence-Rockland is a terrific destination to live, work, and invest in thanks to its numerous restaurants, shops, and other businesses, as well as its growing number of residents, sports and cultural offerings, and other factors. It’s the mainstay of the local economy and the region’s main source of food production. Some 10,202 ha (or 34%) of Clarence-total Rockland’s land area has been designated for agricultural use.