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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

Best Quality Canvas Printing Canada, Quick Shipping

The canvas printing business in Canada provides customers with the highest possible standard of personalized canvases, lightning-fast delivery, and an emphasis on complete satisfaction. We provide low-cost printing on canvas of a very good measure, so you can immediately have your favorite picture printed. After uploading your photo, choose the appropriate size, and then proceed to place an order. We deliver across Canada, not just to the surrounding territories.

In a nutshell:
we do it all.

If you choose to have your images printed by Canada Photo Lab, you can rest assured that they will be printed on acid-free press paper to preserve their durability for many years. To stretch over a 1.75-inch wood frame, we utilize canvas matte picture paper with a 400gsm weight created entirely in Canada in the province of British Columbia. If you want your prints to last for a long time, you should have them printed on canvas, and we have the most advanced printing equipment available. Because of meticulous quality inspections performed before every item is sent, the complete fulfillment of your order is assured. 

Thin Wooden Frame - VancouverPhotoLab
Ultra-Slim Wooden Chassis

– 1.15” (2.9 CM)

Our thin canvas frames are constructed with 0.75-inch-thick stretcher bars fashioned from premium spruce wood from Canada’s most pristine forests.

Thick Wooden Frame - VancouverPhotoLab
Extra-Sturdy Wooden Construction

– 1.50” (4.4 CM)

A solid oak frame is a way to go by giving your canvas a look and feel of an actual art museum while enhancing its longevity. The impact of a large-format canvas print of a treasured picture is amplified.

With the option of both metal and wood framing

Elevate your wall decor with our metal floater frames, made out of sleek metal from Canada, our frames will add character to your canvas by covering the edges with a polished surface.  Made out of Canadian Ashwood, these wooden frames add a rustic and homie touch to your canvas. Great with lifting a home with accents of the country. Comes available in Black, Silver & White.

family album
family album
Optional Edge Finish

There may not be much of a difference between canvas borders, but each kind of border has the potential to give your canvas a unique look.

Standard: This is the most popular kind of border, and it will give your canvas a polished, expert appearance. This will serve as our benchmark moving forward.

Mirrored: the picture wraps around the frame and is mirrored to provide more room on the canvas.

Colored: The picture will not be stretched to fit the border; rather, a solid color will be added.

family album
wedding album
custom photo album
Photo Book