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Canada Photo Lab

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High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Because of the increased demand for visual media, there is now a greater need for skilled specialists who are capable of editing still images and moving pictures.


 We went to considerable lengths at the photo lab in Vancouver in order to accomplish what we set out to do. Because we are aware of how important it is in today’s society to have high-quality images, we have made a wide variety of materials available to you in order to aid you in accomplishing this goal.

We also provide image restoration for older pictures that have faded over the course of time. This service makes use of a specialized algorithm to bring out more of the finer details in areas that are usually unreachable, such as the face, hair, and background of the shot. Even though we don’t utilize any prepared templates, we’ve established a strategic method to ensure that your photo always looks fantastic, thanks to our twenty years of experience in the industry.

It is possible to breathe fresh life into one’s old images and use them as inspiration for a whole new painting by bringing them back to life. We are really pleased with the caliber of our work, and we can assure you that you will only get a ready-made frame of comparable or higher quality here.

We make use of materials that are wholly manufactured in Canada and are less likely to disintegrate in the severe environment that prevails in our nation.

Each canvas print gets our undivided attention, and we provide a wide variety of customization options (including frames made of metal or wood, available in a variety of thicknesses and colors) so that the final product is precisely what the customer envisioned. In addition, we make use of paper that is free of acid in order to do our part to save the environment.

In the province of Quebec, Canada, the Monteregie area is where you’ll find the municipality of Boucherville. It is a suburb of Montreal that, depending on its exact location, maybe on the opposite bank of the Saint Lawrence River from the city itself. Boucherville is included in the administrative authorities of both the Montreal Metropolitan Community and the Longueuil metropolitan agglomeration. Both of these entities are known as the Montreal Metropolitan Community.

The town of Boucherville in Quebec is home to one of the most prominent industrial parks in the province, and it is directly responsible for the creation of over 22,000 employees in the region. Within the park’s boundaries are found a total of 603 unique places of business.

As a token of appreciation for his leadership, Pierre Boucher, the governor of Trois-Rivières, was presented with the Îles-Percées in the year 1664. The following year, in 1664, he created a colony there and gave the place the name Boucherville, by which it is still known by today.