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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Building a recognizable brand in today's competitive industry is more critical than ever. We at Canada Photo Lab are pleased to provide our clients with top-tier service at affordable prices in a world where appearances are everything.


If you’re looking for a printing service, look no further. We provide unique designs that may be modified in infinite ways.

You can be certain that your design is one-of-a-kind and will not be replicated in the future because we take the time and effort to apply all the necessary processes to ensure the best possible result for your design and give you full ownership of the final product once it is complete. Unlike many of our competitors, it’s not acceptable to sacrifice quality or originality while trying to keep prices down by employing a stock design. Your brand is your identity.

Our digital services are the best in the industry, and we back them up with unlimited customer support. Our flexible, on-demand graphic design access and dedication to satisfying customers are two of our greatest strengths. We provide reasonable rates and take great pleasure in the superior level of service we provide. Every one of our services comes with a detailed breakdown of expenses before you even begin using them.

At the Canada Photo Lab, we constantly innovate and provide new services that our customers love. It has been brought to our attention by several of our customers that they struggle to find significant presents for their loved ones.

Furthermore, most presents fail to generate an emotional link; therefore, we have launched a Photo Collage function that lets customers make their own creations utilizing our extensive and user-friendly tools. With our intuitive drag-and-drop editor, creating a photo collage from any photos you upload is a breeze, regardless of your prior expertise with image editing programs. Once you’re satisfied, place an order, and we’ll have your prints sent to your door, ready to hang or hang on the wall, on canvas, special picture paper, or any other medium you want.

Bécancour serves as the regional county municipal headquarters for the Bécancour area of Quebec, Canada. Located just across from Trois-Rivières on the south bank of the Saint Lawrence River, where it merges with the Bécancour River.

Bécancour has a thriving culture and identity of its own, despite being so close to Trois-Rivières. In addition to a marine pumpkin race and a biodiversity museum and education center, the city also conducts a hot air balloon festival.