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Canada Photo Lab

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High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

We understand how branding has become an essential factor in defining the success of a business. In a world where visuals are of utmost importance, we at Canada Photo Lab take great pride in delivering industry-leading quality at an affordable price.


Regarding printing, we provide one-of-a-kind designs with an infinite number of modifications to ensure that all of our clients are completely happy with the final outcome. We take all the procedures necessary to get the best possible outcome for your design and give you complete ownership of the finished product.

When it comes to color and print materials, we adhere stringently to the industry standards so that we can ensure that the images you provide us reach the high standards that our clients expect. Our photo printing facilities are state-of-the-art and are generally regarded as the most impressive in all of Canada.

The printing firm appreciates the significance of ensuring a picture is passed down for future generations. When you make use of our services for printing on canvas, you will have a number of different materials from which to choose to produce original and one-of-a-kind artwork. We also provide framing services for canvases of varied thicknesses, guaranteeing that your artwork will perfectly complement the current décor in your house, regardless of the thickness of the canvas. To be sure, not every picture calls for the same treatment, and as industry pioneers with over 20 years under our belts, we know this.

To achieve this purpose, we provide a photo restoration service. We designed our own algorithm in order to emphasize the photo's textures and draw attention to its more minute details.

Bathurst is a city in New Brunswick that is located in the area and situated on the estuary of the Nepisiguit River. In Bathurst, a lively city located on the banks of Chaleur Bay, one may get a taste of the greatest aspects of urban living. You may take some time to rest, regain your energy, and have a good time in the Chaleur neighborhood and the neighboring area of Bathurst.

At the turn of the century, when the Bathurst Power and Paper Company constructed the first pulp mill in town, the pulp and paper industries came to dominate the economy of the city. Over the last two decades, Vancouver Photo Lab has assisted local businesses in the Strathcona neighborhood with their printing needs. The company generates high-quality prints in-house and delivers them straight to the customer’s home.