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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Canada Photo Lab is quite proud of the reputation that we have earned as Canada's most reputable provider of canvas and picture printing services.


To us, canvas printing and wrapping is an art form that necessitates paying close attention to detail and understanding the effort and dedication that went into making the original artwork.  You should have your printed papers produced on acid-free press paper with outstanding inks if you want them to continue looking wonderful for as long as possible after they have been printed.

We avoid using low-quality materials that are imported from other countries and instead go for Canadian-made matte photo paper because we want to offer something back to the community while keeping our standards high.  Another advantage of using local materials is that they are better able to withstand the climate in Canada than their international equivalents.  In addition, all of our products are put through a rigorous quality check before being sent out to our clients.  This ensures that any small problems may be rectified before shipment.

Customers like the ability to personalize their purchases so that they cater to their own tastes and complement the aesthetic of their homes.  We do not limit the number of times you may make changes. We believe it is very vital the final product be precisely what the customer envisioned.  The appearance of a gallery is a service that our clients often request; consequently, we use materials of varied thicknesses to fulfill this need.  You can select frames made of wood or metal, and the extensive color palette gives you the flexibility to choose the ideal complement to any interior design.

In addition, we put the canvas through rigorous quality control procedures to ensure that it will endure for a very long time, will be safe, and will not need any maintenance during its lifetime.

In Nova Scotia, Canada, the town of Antigonish may be found inside the county that has the same name.  Even though it is perhaps best known as the location of St. Francis Xavier University and as “the Highland Heart of Nova Scotia,” which is steeped in Scottish culture, there is much more to discover in this region.  Even though it is perhaps best known as the location of St. Francis Xavier University and as “the Highland Heart of Nova Scotia,” which is steeped in Scottish culture.

It is pretty essential to have a great quality of life, and Antigonish offers us such in abundant amounts.  They provide a pleasant gathering spot for families to enjoy time together.  The city of Antigonish is home to a substantial elderly population and provides a variety of housing, healthcare, and recreational opportunities geared specifically for this demographic group.  The Antigonish Highland Games are the Highland Games with the oldest continuous history outside of Scotland.