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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

High Quality Canvas Prints Photo Printing Metal Printing Picture Framing

Canada Photo Lab is proud to provide its clients with the highest quality canvas and picture printing in all over Canada.

Canada Photo Lab is committed to meeting the growing need for professional photo printing, canvas wrapping, and other specialized services in Airdrie.


Do you desire to get your hands on even more one-of-a-kind customized products? We’ve got you covered. Look at all our wooden products, including phone cases, live edge planks, coasters, magnets, and even panels to hang on your wall. You are embossed on the surface of the wood using your photographs. The ideal present for yourself or someone you care about.

Canada Photo Lab is proud to provide its clients with the highest quality canvas and picture printing in all of Canada. From our more than two decades in the business, we know that canvas printing and wrapping is an art form that calls for a deep understanding of the canvas-making process and a keen eye for detail.

 There is always some deterioration of photographs once some time has passed. To maintain image quality, we provide restoration techniques refined in-house during many years of service to the photography industry. We didn’t utilize any pre-existing software but built our method to preserve finer details, notably in the skin and eyes, for excellent readability.

Using premium inks and acid-free press paper ensures that your printed items will look excellent and last a long time. We’re all familiar with the powerful connection that can form between a person and a photograph, but as the years go by, some of our most treasured memories need a little more TLC.
When time is of the essence, and we live in a world saturated with technology, it might be challenging to choose the perfect present. 

At Canada Photo Lab, we constantly develop and implement new services that our customers love. Many of our customers are unhappy since they have no more present ideas.

To help with this issue, we’ve recently developed a Photo Collage feature that lets users make their designs using our flexible and simple tools. Then, you may order the products, and we’ll deliver them to your door.

Canada photography Lab also does professional branding and portraits for individuals. We all know that building a solid personal brand helps make for a more impressive resume. So, we provide studio-lit professional headshots to assist you in achieving that sought-after, well-put-together image. At Canada Photo Lab, we’ve covered whether you need a stunning portrait to represent your business or a simple yet polished headshot to put on your resume.

The Canadian city of Airdrie is part of the greater Calgary metropolitan area. The city’s mountainous backdrop and the several tourist destinations inspired are the city’s main selling points. Airdrie is the highest city in all of Canada, undoubtedly one of its distinguishing characteristics. Airdrie is one of the most populated cities in Canada, with a population of around 81,911 people and a land area of slightly over 84.39 square Km. The city is always bustling, and more and more people are moving there due to the city’s attractive and peaceful environment.