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Canada Photo Lab

100% Made Locally in Canada. | Thank you for supporting our Small Business.

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Canada Photo Lab, at its core, a printing company, understands the significance of providing clients with top-notch printing and graphics.



We are proud that all the materials used to create our high-quality canvas prints are obtained from inside the Canada. Wrapping objects in canvas is our specialty, and we provide a wide range of customization options to guarantee that every canvas is a perfect fit for your space.

We know from experience that not all construction materials are appropriate for your home and that some need particular care. In addition, some of these materials have specific requirements. We know that images are often displayed as focal points in people’s homes and places of business, and we make sure to consider this while developing our products. Because of this, we have a selection of colors, materials, and finishes available for you to look at.

Recognizing that excellent quality and service cannot be quantified, we refuse to limit the number of modification requests we get to keep our promise of producing a canvas uniquely suited to your requirements and exceeding your expectations. This allows us to keep our promise of producing an excellent product.


To give back to the community, we only utilize locally sourced, eco-friendly materials in our manufacturing process.

All of Abbotsford may now make use of our world-class printing service.

Abbotsford, a city straddling the U.S.-Canadian border, is a diverse and vibrant metropolis. There is a strong cultural bond in this town, which is shown by the city’s third-highest minority population in all of Canada. The city was founded by European colonists in the 18th century and had a long and illustrious past.

Visitors from all around the world now admire structures constructed during this time. Its closeness to the United States border means that the city is visited often by travelers, and as a result, its economy is highly dependent on tourism. Farmland, the Abbotsford Airshow, and inexpensive gas are reasons people flock here.

Abbotsford is home to a wide variety of exciting outdoor pursuits, from exploring uncharted mountain routes to fishing in Mill Lake and meandering through the quaint streets of Clayburn. Indulge in these pursuits and more on your next vacation to the lovely city of Abbotsford.

Canvas printing services are in high demand, and Canada Photo Lab is responsible for meeting that need. We make it easy to meet all your printing requirements by providing a wide range of services and products, including photo gifts and business prints, which can be ordered online and delivered quickly anywhere in Abbotsford, British Columbia.